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Planning permission needed or not???

Slight change to my original post, we are wanting to build a lean to extension onto the side of our property, the total measurements are 2.5 high 2.4 wide and 7.9length (metres), with a external upvc door to the front and a full sliding upvc to the back, my garden sadly tapers at the rear end of the side portion.which leaves me a 2ft gap from edge of the lean to ,too the boundary fence but as you come forward the gap from lean to ,too boundary fence is over 9ft do I need planning permission?? Are you allowed to have a timber structure attached to the house???I have been to planning portal direct gov afew garden building sites,and forums, the lean to is fully enclosed with the doors a felted roof, and with be eye pleasing the area on lean to is very grey....😞 We are staying within the guidelines the lean to is for storage and our animals

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Yes you do need Planning Permission, the type of application will be a Householder Application.


Answered 29th May 2017

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