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Converting a flat roof into a pitched roof

I'm looking to convert a small (5m x 1.6m) flat roof on our single story extension at the front of my house into a pitched roof to match my neighbour (semi-detached houses). I'd like to do the whole thing myself as I think I'm more than capable.

Should I look at hiring a structural engineer to draw up plans to calculate load bearing/insulation/fire proofing requirements to satisfy the building regs or for a project like this is it something I could do myself with a bit of research? I presume they will come round to inspect it mid-build so any problems I can fix without tearing the whole thing down?

I've never personally had any dealings with building regs before so don't know what to expect.

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Hi, I deal with Building Control on a daily basis and they are friendly and helpful as long as you don't intend to cut corners. My advise would be to give them a call and discuss what you are doing. Some councils actually publish information about spans and centres etc on their website.
They will also advise you on the insulation & Breathable membrane to use.
Good luck with your project!


Answered 27th May 2017

All the structural work can be done with a little research go for it any thing you get stuck on you tube it


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

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