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Washing machine & sink

my washing machine smells bad & the kitchen sink smells like rotten eggs despite regular treatments,are they connected and what can i do to solve the problem?

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The problem is not the washing machine the problem is gunk and grunge in your waste pipework. Needs a damned good clean out. You can try this


Answered 25th May 2017

You could find what is happening is the water seal in the trap is being pulled via a vacum in the pipework and the smells is the drain. As said though i would start with trying to clean trap.


Answered 25th May 2017

Take Trap off and clean thoroughly and clear waste pipework with drain rods you can purchase from local plumbcenter or screwfix. Once trap and pipework are cleaned make sure when putting trap back on it's installed and sealed correctly . If this doesn't work try installing an (anti syphon trap) which can be bought from screwfix, b&q etc.
Hope this helps


Answered 30th May 2017

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