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Cladding garage roof.

Hi I have a flat slopping garage felt roof there are no soffits roof is ply with felt on, inside there are lots of joists going both ways, I want to put up a clad ceiling out of wood, would this be ok as I have no air flows, clad would be nailed to joists so there would be a 5 inch gap between ply and cladding. Would this be ok to do. Would it make the roof damp? Would I have to.leave gaps, also I have some celetex, would it be best not to put due flows? Please help

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Fit the Celotex then cross batten the joists. fit the cladding leaving a 50mm gap on all walls to allow air flow. this will then bring it up to building regs as well.


Answered 23rd May 2017

Hi there :)

I would insulate the void with fibre glass or celotex then cross batten better insulation & Fireproofing.
and if you didn't want to leave a gap a vent could be put in place.



Answered 18th Apr 2018

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