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Too much water?

Since my neighbour built a 2 storey extension, rainwater comes over the side of my guttering. She said it was my guttering at fault so I had it all replaced, but it is still the same.

There is a downpipe on her side of the boundary fence, but the water seems to rush over the top of it, and then over the edge of my gutter. Should she have fitted extra downpipes?

I don't know what to do. Any help please?
Thanks for your answers. I have just emptied another 10 gallons of water (with a 3.5 pint jug) same as yesterday. What should I do?

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Hi your neighbours gutters could be st to low to catch the water running off the tiles/slates . Or also the first course of tiles could be to far into the gutter also causing water to over shoot. Both would cause water to spill over . Hope this helps . Stephen @ s.o.m plasterers. Also a roofer. P.s possible that your neighbours downpipe is chocked since her work was carried out . Thanks again


Answered 19th May 2017

Normally when you increase a roof size the gutters should be looked at as well as you are increasing the surface area that catches water. If an area of roof has been increased so that a normal gutter would not take the amount of water from the roof,A deep flow gutter would be installed that could cope with the extra water from the new roof
Hope this helps
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Answered 20th May 2017

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