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Heating system pipe work

If a part of the heating system has been changed from 22-15mm will this affect the heating system?

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It would depend on which part has been changed. As a rule of thumb the maximum amount of radiators ran off of 15mm pipework is 3. Any more than that then pipework should be 22mm with 15mm tails to each radiator.


Answered 18th May 2017

no as long as its not between the boiler and the 22mm as this may cause the flow to hammer /pipe banging etc but if you are reducing to 15mm from 22 mm that is the correct way to fit


Answered 20th May 2017

reducing pipework size will in most cases allways have some effect,15mm will carry 4kw,if you need more than that upstream of reduction you will have to have boiler on for longer.


Answered 20th May 2017

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