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Flat roof rubber or felt

I have had a couple of quotes from people on this site, the majority are saying they can put a strip of Felt over the join of my roof to the neighbours roof to stop the leek! The neighbour has put a rubber roof on his flat roof! Now I have been informed that you cannot put felt onto Rubber as the hot glue will melt the rubber and so I have to have a rubber covering on my roof too! I am confused! What is the solution?

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How about putting Lead there ?

9 out of 10 times Lead is the best option when there is a void to weather between 2 houses ?



Answered 16th May 2017

Hi it is correct you can't put felt (torch on or hot pour felt onto the rubber roof if next doors rubber comes onto your felt roof there should be a joining bar that is screwed down with a special jointing sealant to seal the two together if you look on Internet and type in firestone rubber roofs that will give you an idea hope this helps you out pete


Answered 17th May 2017

You can just use a strip of rubber and use the hot glue then you won't have to get your whole roof done .!!!


Answered 17th May 2017

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