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Is it best to paint walls that have got vibrant colours on, with white paint, before painting.

I'm moving into a house which needs 3 rooms painting. They are orange, red and purple. is it best to paint over them with white paint? before painting in the colours we want?
Three rooms all decorated sunday, put white emulsion on before hand. thanks for everyones advice. might have to start quoting on jobs too :)

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If you want to save money, use white matt emulsion first, make good, then apply 2 coats of your choice paint. The other choice is apply a thin coat of your finish colour first.
Personal choice really. If you are using a very expensive 'Farrow and Ball'
emulsion and the finish will be the same whatever the choice, why waste money?

Answered 22nd Dec 2015

Tommy Welsh Painting and Decorating

Member since 22 Dec 2015

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Yes coat out with a cheap paint first, obliterating emulsion is best but any emaulsion is fine.

Thanks Leon

Answered 27th Nov 2011

Leon Specialist Decorators LTD

Member since 21 Nov 2011

Yes but I would just roll the white matt first coat without messing about doing the cutting in. You will see what needs filling and as more paint goes on with a brush then 2 coats of the top coat everywhere will work best. Dont forget to sand down walls between coats to give the ultimate finish.

Answered 11th Jan 2016

Room's Painters

Member since 30 Dec 2015

You can use white or alternatively I would put a mist coat (thinned with water) and then two full coats of the colour that you require.

Answered 27th Nov 2011

C P Dinham Ltd (Painting & Decorating)

Member since 17 Nov 2011

Definately! It will save you money in the long run as you won't need to buy loads of colour emulsion to cover the dark shades.
Another good thing about blanking walls out in white it will highlight any bad areas that may need making good..

Answered 27th Nov 2011


Member since 26 Oct 2008

White wash the walls with one coat the same time as you do the ceilings simply by dropping down on to them. Even if you can still see the old colour under the white wash it will make a big difference for your new colours :)

Answered 18th Feb 2017

SMA Decorating Services

Member since 8 Nov 2014

Any walls you paint regardless of colour to be,it will better serve you if you undercoat first or you may use 10 to 15% of the paint you intend to use and dilute with about 5% water and use this as your undercoat,we call this a miscoat.
Hope this will help you,
Kind regards

Answered 27th Nov 2011

Bright Painting & Decorating Services

Member since 18 Nov 2011

I would say lining paper the rooms as lining paper is cheap then wont have to keep coating the walls up going over the colours over and over lining paper will take the walls back to a simple base then can apply 2 coats of chosen colour over this.

I hope this helps

many thanks

Answered 29th Jan 2015

MA decorators

Member since 26 Jan 2015

yes is the answer a base matt coat of white emultion paint should do the job

Answered 27th Nov 2011

richard taggart building company

Member since 3 May 2010


For best results you should always coat your walls back to white first before applying your chosen colour :)


Answered 16th Jan 2017

Lawson Bros. Painters & Decorators

Member since 4 Jan 2017


Yes, We would put a base coat of white on first before applying your chosen colour.

Kind Regards,

Answered 26th Jan 2017


Member since 22 Oct 2012

Hi using white on walls that you would like to put colour on purely depends and the shade of colour you are using.

Answered 22nd May 2017

Fine Line Decorating

Member since 31 May 2016

Any prime colour can be used as a base coat then it's personal preference either a white,grey or the actual colour of choice you want to use will surfice

Answered 6th Aug 2017

WJK Painting and Decoration

Member since 21 Jul 2017

Hello yes would be best to use a cheap white emulsion will save you from inconsistencies on the finish of preferred colour to paint rooms thank you

Answered 28th Oct 2017

Quadrant home care

Member since 27 Jun 2017

Magnolia is the best at blotting out dark colours. Apply one coat of magnolia preferably from the crown obliterating range, then 2 coats of your chosen colour.

Answered 2nd Nov 2017

A Hyde

Member since 3 Oct 2017

I have used magnolia matt to cover vibrant colours as an undercoat. It just gives a more neutral starting point for your new colour - more of a blank canvas... hope this helps

Answered 11th Jun 2018

Mike McDonnell Painting & Decorating

Member since 21 Mar 2011

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