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Staircase installation to loft from landing.

My house is a terraced red brick house. we have a loft converted but no staircase just a ladder. I have been told the staircase can be installed where my landing is or use part of my master bedroom. ( where a wall will be part in ed to allow access ).

Both ways I have been told they will not meet building regs, so I have chosen to have staircase at the landing.

I have been advised they will be child safe and the staircase can not be made without drawings by my builder.

I am confused that the stairs are being made without building regs, but still need approval. I am using a staircase company.

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Hi, your new staircase has to comply with part K of the building regulations, The staircase company make up a drawing most likely on CAD software, this will be used as proof by the builder, that it complies to Part K, the drawing will show the pitch line angle (must not exceed 42 degrees) the rise of each step (the height of each step usually between 160 to 185mm) and the steps going (the front to back measurement of the stair tread, usually between 220 - 240 mm)
If you are having balustrades it will also show the spacings between them (balustrade = spindles) a 100mm diameter sphere must not be able to pass through the balustrade at any point in the spacings.
The stair company most likely have pre programmed parameters in the CAD software that will not allow them to exceed any of the Part K regulations.
Hope this helps


Answered 18th May 2017

Hello Nikk,

When ever there is structural work going to be done you will need an Architect and possibly an engineer to have a look and asses your house for where the stairs are going in. Its not only about the position you want it it its what has to be done to the existing structure to enable a structurally safe access.


Answered 15th Nov 2018

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