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Do i need planning permission to extend an existing driveway?

We have an existing tarmac driveway to the front of our house, and then the rest is grass. I'd like to make the whole thing driveway, but can't fathom the council's guidelines on planning permission. Just wondering if anyone has a clearer understanding on the subject? Many thanks in advance.

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I may be able to help you would not need planning if you was to use a permable material to extend your drive so the water seeps through back into the ground. If you installed a soakaway on your property you could then use a non permable surface (tar). As long as all water run off is contained to your property and not running out into the drain you are fine. So basically Dig a French drain and slope your extended drive so water runs into it and all water run off is contained to your property. Hope it helps


Answered 14th May 2017

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