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Stripping with peelaway 7, anyone got any tips please ?

We have used this product already but have 3 more jobs to strip and found using the product for the first time following the instructions by the letter that it did indeed strip the 20 or so layers of paint but only in the sense that it made the paint very soft and therefore easy to scrape off not one bit of blanket came away with any peelaway on it. Did we do something wrong or are there any tips of the day with this stuff ?

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I use this stuff myself and it's brilliant,your doing everything right so crack on with it mate,I find the longer you leave it the better the results.


Answered 28th Nov 2011

I've used this product and experienced similar results.
Have you tried Nitromors Paint and Varnish remover or a gas blow lamp/electric hot air gun to burn paint off (check whether your insurance covers to use heat).


Answered 28th Nov 2011

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