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Mucking hipped roofes

Wot is the most Efficient way to muck hips on a roof ??

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I use hip runners when cementing hip tiles. These are two adjustable metal clamps where you fix batten to each side and adjust to the hip on the roof. This will keep the hip tiles straight and level and is a quicker way to lay hip tiles than freehand.


Answered 14th May 2017

I use hip runners or make your own from battern 2 lengths of battern laid side by side to the width plus 5 to 10 mim of the hip tile your using youll need to brace the 2 batten with smaller pieces of batten either end of the 2 runners to create a bridge across to join the 2 long runners lay on the hip after you've laid your first hip by hand because you usually kick the first hip up a little to follow the rake of the eve tiles at the bottom allow to go of a bit the set the runner to the first hip tile you have laid center the hip runner to the hip board you might also want to put a 6 inch nail up top where all the hip and ridge timbers meet to help you keep your eye in
Lay the muck to the inside of the runner batten lay one at a time pay attention to the runner and the bottom of the hip tile don't muck about with them get 3 down with 10 mm joint then use your trowel and run it down the inside of the hip runner cuttin the muck then gently slide the hip runner up until you ready for the next bit use the last hip tile you lai as the first in your next line to be mucked in remember 3:1 mortar mix and make it quite stiff so it holds the weight of the hip tile point up by a little cutting with your towel and ironing in with your trowel and do this when muck is quite stiff and going of and you should make a nice job of it the final 2 hip tiles and 1 ridge tile will need care full measureing and cutting good luck
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Answered 23rd Jun 2017

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