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Can i buy sanitaryware/fixtures/etc from germany?

Prices for Hansgrohe/grohe/duravit etc are MUCH cheaper over there, even accounting for delivery. Do I have anything to worry about such as different size pipes, or anything that would make such orders incompatible with a UK fitting?

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yes they should be ok in uk but check with maker.


Answered 13th May 2017

The grohe stuff tends to have 3/8fittings which are smaller that our UK 15mm. There are 3/8 to 15mm couplers to convert them which is a minor additional cost.


Answered 13th May 2017

We all know that Germany has the best materials, you don't need to worry about sizes, they are all standard sizes, and they will give you everithing you need to fit them properly.
My advise : buy everithing you like from them


Answered 14th May 2017

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