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Fibreglass roof cracking

We had a fibreglass roof installed about 7 months ago now which has a center skylight. This had to be lifted exposing about 4 inch of timber framing which the roofer was going to come back and redo, it has now cracked at the bottom by the skylight frame which he said was due to the builders lifting the skylight and would be a easy fix for him to do, today iv noticed it's cracking in a few places on the roof and cracks if walked on.
Any advice?

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Good chance he's skimped he resin and it's not bonded to the sub surface correctly and will lift and crack, it could also be the top coat that's cracking due to it being caked on heating up and cracking once cured,

Good luck.


Answered 21st May 2017

If the window was installed after the fiberglass roof was complete the weight of the window going back in and builders working around the open area may have caused the cracks. If the window is elevated up of the flat roof it will need new up stand trim installing and a fresh layer of mattin and resin around the window to stop the cracks from delaminating


Answered 12th May 2017

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