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Discoloured ceiling edge walls

How do I get rid of black discolouration along the top corners of the ceiling wall from the front down to the room at the back of the house. It is concentrated at the 'L' edges of the ceiling walls. This discolouration appears only on one side of the ceiling of the house (i.e. the side that has access to the garden) and appears also all over the edges of the bathroom ceiling to the room at the back of the house. The ceiling, I should mention is probably plaster ??? (house was built in the 1950s). What is the cause and what should be done about it? I wipe it with bleach but it reappears after a while. Please help!

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I think ventilation is the problem (lack of it).
Look at installing air bricks if possible near to tops of walls or trickle vents in windows.
Have you got proper extraction in your bathroom?
Depending on your budget,look into installing a whole house ventilation unit if problem is really bad.
You can buy easy to install units yourself for around £400 such as the Lofty Remcon.


Answered 27th Nov 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

Stop wiping with bleach and have a professional Decorator come and look at it for you, it sound like you have a fungi of some sort as a result of untreated damp.
You will most certainly have to stain block first before re decorating but that's dependent on damage to plaster.
Sorry cant be much more help than that without seeing firsthand.
Kind regards
Hi again I've had a look at the best paint for you to use without spending money on various products,it's called "Glixotone". Any good paint store should sell it,but please remember to have you plaster looked at too.
All the best


Answered 27th Nov 2011

Bright Painting & Decorating Services

Member since 18 Nov 2011

sounds like you have water getting in,it is either condensation through lack of ventalation or a leak causing dampness in the wall. if its a bungalow or upstairs in a two up two down it probably the roofing felt, if its a down stairs ceiling probably the pointing ,or leaking guttering, overflow pipe. your best bet is post the job on here under general buildin/roofing and get someone round to look

Answered 26th Nov 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Clean it all down again, and increase ventilation, fit extractor fan.

Answered 27th Nov 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Buy a spray can of "Stain remover" from B&Q. Spray this over the discolouration and leave to dry. A second application may be needed, but this product usually covers stains from leaks, etc very well and prevents them coming through the paint. The spray colour is white, so painting over the spray is not a problem.

Answered 27th Nov 2011

Bebaro Ltd

Member since 27 Oct 2011

try cleaning it off and putting anti mould solution on. also you could put in bathroom moisture trap boxes which are very cheap and collect moisture from the air

Answered 27th Nov 2011

John Hodgins Plastering & Renovation Services

Member since 17 Nov 2011

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