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Different colour roof tiles and thickness - can you help please?

Hi guys,
I have just bought a new build house and the roof tiles on the back of my house consists of 2 vastly different shades of grey Marley tiles. They also seem to be 2 different thicknesses. I have brought this up with the contractor and he tells me that they were from 2 different batches and they will fade to match.
I cannot see this happening at all and what looks like a different thisckness is concerning me. I feel as though I am being fobbed off by the contractor as my house was the last to be built and they have ran out of tiles and juts patched it up with any they had left from another job.
Can any of you help with some advice as to what is going on please? I do have images to show the situation if anybody would like to see them but I am unable to post them on this forum.
Thanks in advance guys.

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Hi there, please send me the pictures and I will be happy to give you some advice. Thanks


Answered 12th May 2017

without looking at them its not possible to tell whats going on, the fact they are from to different batches should make no difference to the colour or thickness,
their is a national shortage of concrete roof tiles with a lead time of up to 6mths in some cases
the only reason that I can think of for the difference is they are from different manufacturer. one is a Marley, one is a sandtoft this would make them a slightly different profile, colour ect
the answer maybe to pay for an independent roof report getting a roofer to come around and check your roof to see what is happening
while they will all eventually turn the same colour it wont happen over night but more over a good few years.
unfortunately your contractor cannot pull roof tiles out of thin air so even if it is different manufactures roof tiles that have been used its going to take months to correct depending on the type of tiles required Marley are quoting a lead time of at least 2-3mth up to not even taking orders for that particular roof tile at the moment depending on the type of tile required
good luck Alex


Answered 12th May 2017

If your having a problem finding the new roof tiles you need from roofing yards. You can try reclamation yards for the older tiles

And as a suggestion you should take one of your tiles to help find a match


Answered 5th Jun 2017

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