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Bathroom radiator not working

Q1. Bathroom radiator or pipes are not omitting any heat at all when the central heating is on. Other radiators in the house are all working to varying degrees.

Q2. How can I ensure that all household radiators are working to their optimum efficiency given the rising energy prices? I've heard you should flush the system?

Thank you.

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Hi James

You dont state what type of system you have, their could be sludge in your system, it might need balancing, your pump could be struggling, some of the rad valves may be closed down.
Some bathroom rads are piped on to the hot water circuit.
Put your hot water on and see what happens

Have you bled the radiators

As a diy I would start by opening all of the radiators fully at both ends
(small screwdriver and spanner required) turn the heating on fully with the room stat turned right up. (and boiler thermostat)

Give it 15mins and then go and see which radiators are getting hot, the ones that get really hot, turn down by a quarter turn on the lock shield end

If one goes cold re open it a little

Give it a rest for a while and then go around and see if any thing has changed and repeat the process until your getting heat all over

If a radiator is struggling try turning all the rads off on that floor by the wheel head or trv end and see if that rad then gets hot. Then re open the rads

If their are cold spots on the rads, or your f and e tank is very mucky you may need a power flush.

What speed is your pump set to?

Their is not much more help I can give you without seeing the system, I'll stop now as my fingers are bleeding!

Kind regards



Answered 27th Nov 2011

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