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Advice for driveway please

Hi All,
used this site before with success so here goes again.

I have an approx 25m2 (5 x 5) turfed front garden and would like to add 2 car parking spaces, what is the best cost effective way of going about this? i was thinking just having 2 'runways' made of paving slabs set in to the ground (is 38mm thick suitable? Cars are Fiesta-sized). Driveway needs to be permeable to avoid having to get planning permission etc. Advice/suggestions welcome


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I'd remove the turf and topsoil down to firm ground. Assuming that would involve the removal of 100mm of material I'd then lay MOT Type 1 gravel in 50mm. lifts, compacting with a heavy plate compactor after each one. I sprinkle with water before compacting as it achieves better compaction. Then I'd dress the surface with 10mm to dust, water it down slightly and compact again. That will fill the gaps between the 40mm. aggregate of the MOT Type 1 and hold the surface together better. Remove the spoil and clean up.
Total cost of materials - £150
Total cost of labour - £200
Obviously if you need to go thicker with your initial excavation the cost woill increase. I prefer this method to pavers as it is more cost effective. The ground below pavers should be prepared in this way in any case, so continuing with the gravel is efficient. It also avoids the pavers heaving over time, which they inevitably will.


Answered 12th Jun 2017

If you was to do the runway you would need to dig out 200mm deep back fill with type 1 stone 130mm deep, 20mm mortar bed and the grey "council" slabs which are 50mm thick and properly layed will take vehicles no problem. Use a block paving border around the slabs to make it look better. Slab size would be either 600×450×50 or 600×600×50 this would do the trick. Or do the other answer or dig down 200mm again 100mm type1 back fill compacted 100mm of concrete resin stone over the top. Hope this helps


Answered 29th May 2020

Flags are no good for parking cars on they crack and look awfull .they are for pathways and patios only. suggest marshalls grassguard they are permeable blocks 6 inch thick and grass still grows through but withstands the weight of any car .


Answered 9th May 2017

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