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How much should i be looking at for labour only

Hi can anyone help, I have a barn and its roof needs re doing on it. I would like to have the sandstone roof thats on it taken off and re roofed with spanish slates with new felt and latts. The timbers are all in exerlent condition. The total area of the roof is 265 sq mtrs and 40 mtrs of ridge to put on too, How much should I be looking at to pay for labour only. scaffolding skips and all materials will be paid for just labour needed to do it.

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you need to post the job and you gonna get the answer
regards Stefan


Answered 29th Nov 2011

Difficult question without seeing the roof of course, and a sandstone roof is uncommon, not sure at all how long it will take to strip the roof, but I should think a maximum of 6K labour to do the entire job. You need guttering as well of course, perhaps a soakaway if not connected to main drainage. I assume this is an old barn, sounds a fascinating project. The timber are sound probably because they are very substantial, it would be advisiable to apply preservative at the time of the work, and of course repair any loose joints etc, there always are some. Spanish slate is a good idea, much cheaper. You would have to check the building is not listed or the area is not a conservation area.


Paul Albright


Answered 29th Nov 2011

without a viewing i would say approx 6 to 8k, best post up a job on here and get some estimates,



Answered 20th Jan 2012

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