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Lime mortar or 3:1 mortar mix.

I have a property which dates from 1926. The mortar is staring to fall out from under the hip tiles. I have decided to get some quotes to re-bed all four sides to the house. It is obviously an expensive project so I am anxious to get it right and not have future problems. The issue is one company is strongly suggesting to re-bed the tiles on a bed of a lime mortar while all the other three are totally dismissive saying the 3:1 mortar mix is fine. However having now read about lime mortar it seems to have some advantages. What please would you suggest best for a 91 year old house, lime mortar or 3:1 mortar mix? Thank you.

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Personally I would use lime mortar with a sand such as nosterfeld or Leighton buzzard with a bit of grit in. It will weather better, allow movement and aesthetically look better. 3;1 sand/cement is fine also but I would put some sharp sand in to strengthen the mix, if you go for this option

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Answered 7th May 2017

Nothing wrong with 3:1 mix. Its traditional and been done like that for years.


Answered 8th May 2017

3 in 1 sand and cement with a bit of sharp sand will make it a strong mix


Answered 10th May 2017

3.1 ok


Answered 6th May 2017

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