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Debris remaining following dry ridge work.

We recently had the ridge tiles on our hipped tiled roof using the dry ridge method and have discovered when going into the loft that the roof felt is now bulging under the weight of cement debris dislodged when the work was done and not removed by the roofer. The roof is not leaking, but could this debris cause future problems?

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Eventually the debris will break/split the felt, Id ask who ever did the work to return and remove all debris which should of been done during original works.


Answered 4th May 2017

The cement should've been removed when the old ridges we're taken off this a example of bad workmanship and depending on what felt you have it could possibly break down through the felt


Answered 5th May 2017

not very good roofers by the sounds of it, they should have removed all the rubbish as they were doing the work, it will split the felt eventually, get them back to do the job right!


Answered 10th May 2017

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