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How to rectify damage caused by works to neighbour's property

We live in semi detached house and our attached neighbour's recently had their concrete guttering replaced. We have concrete guttering and whilst it does not look in top condition we have had no problems or leaks etc since moving in 5 years ago. Following the neighbour's work it rained a couple of days later and this leaked heavily into one of our bedrooms. We spoke to neighbour and contacted company several times re the issue, and they sent workmen to review. My husband showed them pictures he had taken at the time. They suggested that the leak/damp caused was 'old' and not as a result of the work they carried out - we had no way of proving this was not the case. However, they did make an alteration to new guttering , dropping gradient by 10mm from what I understand. However, following rain this weekend, the same has happened and water leaking heavily into bedroom. Can you advise correct course of action for me to take please.

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Hi Clare,
There are a number of ways to resolve this. Firstly, this sounds like a 'roofing' issue as the water is coming in the roof space, into the eaves and then into the bedroom. This makes me think it's not actually a guttering problem.
I would think you need further investigation by an independent company, then take the finding back to the original company.
Then you can see what their response might be. There is always the option of legal action, if it is their fault and they won't rectify it.
Please contact me directly, if I can be of any further assistance.
I hope you get things sorted.


Answered 3rd May 2017

Hi, the work carried out by your neighbours workmen has seemed to in question due to the fact they have had to return.
I doubt you have a roof issue given the leak following the work so I suggest you get someone like myself who is independent to take a look and give you a report to take further action.


Answered 4th Jan 2018

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