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How important is the top coat on a fibreglass roof

Thank you for your time.
I have a new fibreglass flat roof and when it was finished (perhaps after a few days, it rained) we noticed water ponding. The builder returned and said he'd build up the lower areas a bit.
He sanded the whole roof and cleaned it with Acetone. He then got called to another waterproof is my flat roof right now please?
It is not covered with a tarpaulin or anything. The weather forecast suggests rain is coming.

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Aslong as the roofer applied enough of the hardener to the top coat to make the top coat cure before the rain started it starts you will be fine ... If not the rain could hit the top coat when it's wet and leave pin holes ... However the fibreglass resin underneath the top coat should still be efficient to keep the roof water tight if applied correctly , I hope this has put your mind at ease ... Thanks , Rhys


Answered 2nd May 2017

You should be ok top coat is only the resin coat with pigment and uv properties added


Answered 23rd Jun 2017

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