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Extension is 7cm short

My builder has poured the foundations and laid 2 layers of concrete block. I have measured it and it is about 7cm short. When i spoke to him he said that they work to the nearest half block which made it come up a little short.

Is this correct or is he covering for getting the measurements wrong?


reponse to Sandau awnser - Thanks, it is a big deal if he has measured it incorrectly as i want the job done correctly and I don't want to be lied to. If it is the case then probably not the end of the world but would like to have been told rather then checking it myself.

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I tend to make my marks from measurements and build back from there but that's just me.

Everyone has their own methods, but the real question perhaps ought to be whether two and a half inches matters enough to worry about.

I can certainly understand your frustration and do not condone what has happened. You are well within your rights to demand that the work be done the way it is on the plans.

Most builders would use a brick vertically to make up that difference, so I am surprised that they failed.

If you are not happy then the best thing to do is talk to them about it. If they refuse to put it right your best move then is to higher up in the company if possible, if not then try the CAB and ask for help through them. They will usually have a solicitor who you can discuss it with and see how it goes from there.


Answered 27th Apr 2017

If there is enough room on the footing taking that he has not built right on the edge the blockwork should be correct as all setting out dimensions should of been carried out before he started laying blocks if is not an issue and you could stand the loss I would let the BCO know as I have had them check jobs for dimensions in the past and could be funny as it has not been built the plans passed by planning but you are well within your right to get him to change it or as for a reduction in cost due to less material use!!
Hope this helps and you get it sorted
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Answered 5th May 2017

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