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Flame failure on a he combi boiler

When switching the boiler on, the Red Light for Flame Failure keeps coming on.
Have the system flushed and been told its not PCB,Pump or Heat sensor.
It burns for a few seconds then go red, no hot water.

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Hi there,could be just needing would be better getting someone to look at it....Brian


Answered 13th Mar 2011

HE just means the boiler is condensing. The red light coming on will mean different things depending on the brand of the boiler. If it flashes fast or slow. If other lights come on with it. If there's a fault code, all will help engineers diagnose if the problem is gas, electric or water related.

If you have just a basic boiler with a simple lock out red light. Then the boiler will need to be visually checked listening for the correct sequence of operations.

The most common faults in this situation would be;

1. Blocked condense (water)
2. Flame rectification (Elec)
3. Low water pressure (water)
4. Air pressure Switch (Elec)
5. PCB (Elec)
6. Combustion Chamber seals (Gas)

An experienced Heating engineer would be able to take different readings from the boiler and identify exactly which part or service is causing the problem.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

Due to experience I had the same problem before and it was the gas valve


Answered 14th Mar 2011

it sounds like it could be the rectivication leads check there not shorting out
it sounds like the boiler is shutting down due to flame proving.
hope this helps


Answered 13th Mar 2011

Gas valve or electrodes. It gives out A>C> and returns D>C. check the leads first with a multimeter


Answered 21st Mar 2011

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