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Help! too shallow for pitched roof

Hi - having an extension done at the mo and the builder has been moaning And groaning about our roof design for a while- he said it's a really shallow pitch but the roofers been round and he can get it to work. He was going on about a 9 degree pitch- not sure if he was exaggerating though. Our current flat roof is 70cm below our bathroom window. The new vaulted roof which will replace this will be over a 362cm wide kitchen- so highest point at 181cm in . Is the pitch really going to be that bad?

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hi there you can not get any tiles or slates below 15 degrees, sorry


Answered 10th May 2017

Hi there,
This is Jason from Ross Roofing.
I had a look at your message,just a couple of questions.
What material are you planning on using?
Is the roof to be tiled,slated or with a flat roof system?
If you are planning on using a slate then a eternit Thurtone slate can only go down to 15 degree pitch.
Natural slate is normally a minimum of 22.5 degree pitch
On roof tiles there are some interlocking tiles that can be used as low as 15 degree pitch.
Personally if you pitch is lower than 15 degree I would use a flat roof system.
Hope this helps
Kind Regards
Jason Ross
Ross Roofing


Answered 25th Apr 2017

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