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Complete refurb - where do we begin?!

We have purchased a property which has not been touched for 42 years.
Its structurally sound but needs central heating, probably a complete re-plaster, new bath/ kitchen and redecoration throughout. We do have double glazing though!
Where would a professional suggest we start? And where should we splash out and where can we afford to keep it cheap & cheerful?
Our intention is to do up and sell if possible.
Thanks for any responses!

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Assuming your surveyor's report does not identify anything major we would proceed as follows:
Consider/discuss any changes to the current layout to maximise the full potential of the property - ideals have changed from the 60's and it is possible to include en suites, utility rooms, storage areas and general remodelling which in itself will generate a better return on your investment.
Stick to quality but basic materials - you are selling on so this is not the time to fit the dream bathroom etc.
Always get 3 quotes for all the installations and check the references of the PREOFESSIONALS you employ.
Aim to achieve a clean simple finish with all your fixtures and fittings and select natural colours throughout.
Plan, basics are OK but you can get free designs incl drawings from B&Q etc for your kitchen & bathroom, this will give you a price ( for reference & budget) as well.
Mark out on the walls where you need new services etc so you can keep track of any changes as you progress.
In terms of programme aim to follow the basics:-
Demolition & strip out - Get a skip ( or several)
1st fix plumbing - heating , bathroom, kitchen etc
1st fix electrics. - electric showers? , extractor fans?
1st fix joinery - door frames? new flooring?
Plaster- as much as you can afford, makes decs easier and looks better.
2nd fix electrics - white fittings, maybe s/s in the kitchen
2nd fix plumbing - power shower? mixer shower? water treatment?
2nd fix joinery - Mdf skirting & architraves, window boards? doors?
Install bathroom - shower bath?
Install kitchen - spend here if anywhere - modern, bright, integrated app's
Decoration - White & naturals, feature colours to prominent walls?
Floor finishes _ carpet upstairs, tiles to bathrooms & kitchen, timber to hall / reception rooms.
Put the coffee on & some music and wait for the buyer to arrive.
Have fun - you'll never moan about your day job again!
Any questions give us a call.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

Hack of all your plaster, do 1st fix electrics , plumbing, heating.
Replaster, 2nd fix electrics and plumbing.
Fit doors, architraves, skirtings.
Probably splash out on kitchen, seems to be a good selling point.
Save by fitting white bathroom suite, builders packs are cheap.
Decorate neutral colours ie, white ceilings , magnolia walls, as whatever colour you paint wont nessasary be to next owners choice.
To save costs more, do as much as you can or post your job requirements on My Builder.
Theres a lot of good tradesmen on this site, plus you can read, and leave, feedback.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

holbex pritty much said it all but first make sure your roof is water tight no point in doing any work inside the property if there is rain getting in and the guttering is driping down your walls once you know your roof is sound and the guttering and R W pipes are ok start on the inside


Answered 20th Mar 2011

First of all you need to decide if you can re-configure any of the rooms, could you make an extra bedroom? This would increase the value of the property. If not, then you are stuck with the original layout and its just a case of making it shine.

So, completely gut the place, carpets and any other floors out. Kitchen and Bathrooms completely removed, remove any wall papers. Any dodgy walls remove plaster.

If you want central heating installed then now is the time, when the house is gutted. Once installed you can then think about a complete plastering job.

While this is going on you want to be organising your bathroom and kitchen. Ultimately these two rooms sell houses, so your going to want to make these two really shine. This doesn't mean throwing vast quantities of money at them, just some careful thinking. For instance, you can get reasonable acceptable bathroom suites at affordable prices and then splash out on a nice tiled finish, something like travertine.

Then its a just a case of decorating, remember if your selling then you are going to want something nice and plain, nothing personnel, this isn't going to be your house remember, what you might like others might detest!!!

Finally to round it all of the carpets, once those brand new carpets are down, you won't recognise the place. And when it comes to selling people are going to love a house which has just recently been re-furbished.

Obviously there are alot of other things to consider, but these are the main items. Good luck.


Answered 13th Mar 2011

yes,remove all bathroom furniture/kitchen/boiler and such.cap all live feeds to water/remove all wallpaper/leave one toilet still working,for walls out for sparky if needed,remove all flooring for plumber,start plastering once chippie and plumber and sparky finished first fix.once plasterers finished start second fix by the three trades.purchase the cheapest items possible,as you are going to sell,ie bq and places like that.we complete a lot of student accomadation as long as you leave house in a basic state of finish its easy to sell.normal spend on ours £18.000/£20.000 all materials and labour.

short but sweet hope this makes sense. regards chris


Answered 13th Mar 2011

is the roof sound,are the electrics ok, put in any new pipe work or wiring, re-plaster, install your appliances then decorate


Answered 13th Mar 2011

complete rewire first then replaster throughout central heating then the kitchen and bathroom, the only cheap and cheerful would be the fittings as it will not be cheap to bring it up to modern spec


Answered 13th Mar 2011

i deal with many house and buy to let property makeovers and there is always a chance you will go over on budget ,you need to set a budget for any work or alterations and bring all electricts and boiler ,plumbing up to date as this will bite you in the end if you dont so i would plan your budget and start by moving all old carpets ,old flooring etc strip out every thing that is damaged and what you decide to take out get the rooms clear once you found your builder he will sort any first fix out ie electrics .plumbing ,old doors off etc consentrate on the selling factor have a nice kitchen and bathroom if your budget is tight then make sure the ground floor rooms are in order otherwise make good all walls ie patch up or replaster if you keep all decoration neat and tidy you wont go far rong remember ,if things look diy standard then buyers will be more warey at all the other work done by you ,keep decorating nuetral as buyers may not like bold colours new carpets and new flooring picks up the rooms to look stunning


Answered 14th Mar 2011

As a property maintenance co. we take on plenty of work like this, the first thing to consider is gutting the property ie bathroom & kitchen.
Always consider the kitchen and bathroom as the main rooms to spend on, tiling too!
Doors are always a cheap way of making the property look good - panel moulded doors cost very little!
As a decorating specialist we more than often paint refurbs that are to be sold on in magnolia and white satinwood, looks good and cost's very little.
Try not to leave things like woodchip paper on, patched in wood work looks awful, polystyrene coving and artex is old and dated!!

Hope this helps


Answered 5th Feb 2013

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