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Flat roof / gully best materials to replace

I would really appreciate some advice on the best material(s) to use to replace a small flat roof / Gully on my house - I've been given several options and not being an expert need some help to make the decision.
I live in a Mid-Terrace Victorian with a pitched roof and a gully across the front of the house approx. 3 foot wide which extends into the bay.
The gully takes rainfall from 2 houses and has a drain point at one end.
The options I have been given as preferred are Rubber (firestone) or Fibreglass or Asphalt.
I'm more worried about durability and potential leaks than cost, and any reassurances or recommendations you may have will be most gratefully received.
Thanks for your help :-)

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Hi, there is a spray-on product on the market that would be ideal for what your after the product is a pure polyurea not a hybrid polyurea. The pure polyurea is designed to hold water for life. Where as hybrids and polyurethanes start to degrade as soon as they come in contact with water they suffer what's called Hydrolysis Degradation other key facts are its fire retardant (self extinguishing), its maintenance free, cures in 8 seconds, chemical resistant etc etc. The problem is it's not cheap.


Answered 19th Apr 2017

I would recommend GPR fibreglass roofing it's it's extremely durability can be fitted and used around Bends up lifts and declines I would highly recommend you get a roofing expert to come and view


Answered 27th Apr 2017

I would definitely recommend fibreglass resin .. It's easy to work with and I think it would be ideal for a job like this


Answered 2nd May 2017

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