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Condensation and mould in conservatory


We have a 3x5 UPVC conservatory with a glass roof running across the back of our house (north facing). We've found in the last few weeks we've had real problems with condensation where even during the day, the conservatory windows and roof are covered in water and we are starting to see mould growth.

I've left some of the windows slightly open but wondering if anyone else has any suggestions? The doors between the house and the conservatory are external i.e. sealed and the walls appear to be dry.

Many thanks!

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Fitting trickle vents to the windows would aid air-flow and reduce condensation, also try to keep the room warm as this will stop the moisture in the air from condensing so much. It is natural for condensation to form on windows, especially in a conservatory, as the water vapour in the air is always attracted to the coldest point in the room.

Try to avoid hanging washing out to dry in areas such as this, and anything else which will increase the level of moisture in the air.


Answered 23rd Nov 2011

hi john, it sounds like a problem with condensation more than anything else, has a radiator been fitted? also you can use damp trap boxes which are cheap which collec moisture from the air and are very cheap to buy, you may need a couple


Answered 24th Nov 2011

If you would like to see the full explanation about condensation on glass, causes and remedies look on the pilkington glass website

regards john


Answered 24th Nov 2011

problem is once you switch your heating on in main house warm air hitting cold conservatory windows minimise by adding heater/radiator to conservatory,also like above said trickle vents fitted all round will help,


Answered 28th Nov 2011

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