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When do you do lead work

I'm about to re roof my garage. Part of the flat roof butts up against a wall that currently is pebble dash. Part of my garage improvement is removing the pebble dashing and replace with rendering. Im unsure if the leadworks should be done before or after rendering as I've seen both examples. Thanks

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You need to get the lead flashing done once the pebble dash has been removed. Then a bell cast bead can be fitted to wall above the lead prior to the rendering being done. The bell cast bead forms a nice finish for the render & also forms a drip so all water will run down the render & over the lead flashing.


Answered 19th Apr 2017

Hi my opinion would be to do the lead work before the rendering as it would allow you to fix your lead to the wall more securely with raw plugs and screws (use washers) then fix drip bead the same way then render I've used this method and never had any problems with it. hope this helps


Answered 19th Apr 2017

Lead work first then render to a stop bead will give you a much better job


Answered 23rd Jun 2017

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