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Spray foam discovered

The report came back saying that on the property we are going to buy, the roof, underside, of it was sprayed with foam. And it is a big problem, for the roof and the property.
So now the estate agent is saying that there is nothing to worry about, but we read a thousand bad reviews about it.
So now a bit confused...

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when some one foams the roof its to prevent having to re-roof and usually means their is some issue,
the foam does two things it insulates your loft and it seals around all the timbers & tiles , as wood is a breathable material this can cause the wood to sweat creating rot, any roof tiles that become cracked or broken allowing water ingress into the roof will only be able to reach your trusses creating rot, if you break a tile on a roof that has been foamed iot is impossible to reseal that tile which may allow water ingress into your roof trusses,
sorry but your estate agent is at best naive about any potential danger and at worst is lying through his back teeth.
personally would not touch this property with a barge pole unless the price was reduced by at least enough to re-roof the property keeping in mind it a lot of work to remove foam from a roof.
good luck Alex


Answered 18th Apr 2017

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