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Gas hob burner has an orange flame


I noticed that my Bosch gas job burner had more orange than blue flames yesterday.

I cleaned everything up and dried and then tested later and it was back to blue.

This morning it has gone orange again on all the burners.

I would be grateful if someone could advise please. Do I need to get gas engineer out to have a look? I've had a carbon monoxide alarm next to it and it hasn't beeped.



Update: thanks for all the answers. What I have noticed over the last week is that the flame is orange first thing in the morning and then it becomes blue over the course of the day!!?

I have cleaned everything even the iron cast plates etc. What could be the cause of that.

3 Answers from MyBuilder Gas Engineers

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It needs servicing
Injectors get blocked by small debris causing yellow flame

It's best to replace those injectors


Answered 23rd Apr 2017

Blocked Injector or Debris On Burner / Ring Top
If in doubt use a Gas Safe Engineer


Answered 21st Apr 2017

The Injecter sounds like its blocked


Answered 17th Apr 2017

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