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Gravel area into concrete

Hi, what is the cheapest way of turning a small area of gravel area for parking a car in to a concrete area? Without spending too much on tools and equipment? Thank you

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Remove gravel and build a frame the size of concrete area required out of pins and timber. For timber, 20mm thick by 100mm wide as this will allow a hardcore course (30mm) then a thick layer of concrete for strength as there will be a car on top.
There are quite a few sites online that do premixed concrete quite cheap (but needs to be a larger area) or rent a mixer and buy the concrete, aggregate, and sharp sand in bulk.
Once filled cover with plastic sheeting (do not let it touch the concrete) and wait 48 hours for concrete to set.


Answered 14th Apr 2017

remove gravel area, apply hard standing with 3/4 dust an compact, build frame out 100mlx50ml timber, and hand mix with mini mixer depending on size, with cement sharp sand and hardcore, maby if necessary put re inforced fibres to strengthen if heavy cars will be on it, and leaf to dry for 48 hours.


Answered 12th Nov 2018

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