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Can roof vents prevent and/or stop condesation building up in the corners on walls upstairs?

We live in end terraced detached two bedroom house. We have had our roof checked few times and still getting wet corners in bedrooms uphat stairs. We are thinking now that it might be condensation as we dont have any vents in the roof and also air bricks in the house walls are blocked with silicone. Could that be an issue?

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first thing i would do is unblock your air bricks, then if you have had new insulation fitted i would check that they have'nt poked it all the way down to the roof eave and this will block air flow, after all that i would then look at having some roof tile vents fitted, hope this help out,



Answered 20th Jan 2012

You need good air flow and ventilation in the roof space, either by soffit vents or slate/tile vents.
Up grade your insulation, minimum 270mm, dont restrict air flow.
The air bricks in the wall, get them cleared, or new ones fitted.


Answered 23rd Nov 2011

could very well be condensation make sure there is good airflow in the rooms.air bricks should be unblocked or re-newed, if you only have normal insulation between the rafters in the loft you should upgrade to cover the rafters running the insulation over the rafters in the opisite direction to your rafters to avoid cold spots.

best of luck alex


Answered 28th Nov 2011

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