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Wondering about re-plastering or re-building a chimney

Plaster work has been done previously, and is done to a very poor standard. Additionally there is a chip of the bottom right of the chimney, also curves out at top. The chimney probably needs removed with new tunnels put in as still using gas fire. How much will the the job cost and how long will the job take?

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Cany really say as question a bit vague, take it you want plaster hacked of chimney breast, new backing coat and skim, about a days work.
As for tunnels, I think you mean a stainless steel flexi tube for gas, and to be fitted and signed of by Gas Safe engineer, you will probably be charged another day.


Answered 12th Mar 2011

Removal of a chimney is a large job, it is curved at the top because this is the line the original flue takes. Its curved to stop rain pouring straight down it. If you don't want to Involve a structual engineer,Building control I would hack the plaster off and re-do. If you don't like the curve you could stud it out plasterboard and plaster.However this would eat into your room space.


Answered 18th Apr 2011

preparation and backing coat skim finish 1day, a kopex liner would have to be fitted which would take another day as for removal of chimney it may be better to get advice from a stuctual engineer then it can be costed accordingly once completed ,a gas engineer would have to sign work off


Answered 27th Mar 2011

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