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We have damp bricks on a 1st floor apartment, 4 years old. nhbc surveyor had bricks out, cavity clear as well as cavity trays.what could it be and how can we sort it out??!!

The bricks are external, the affected area is about 2 metres square, around a window. He said some bricks can absorb more moisture than others and not going through to internal wall. But just a bit worrying in such a new build. Bricks do appear saturated, but even when dry, are obviosuly darker. We did consider getting them tinted, but then thought problem will only recur!

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Your NHBC Surveyor cant be much good if he cant find the problem, and hes in a lot better position than any one here, as hes seen it.
You will have to give a bit more info than just damp bricks, ie where are they inside or outside.


Answered 22nd Nov 2011

You must clarify 1st floor as aposed to ground floor? Possible lead work is not fitted correctly and water coming down inside cavity if on ground floor could be carpiller reaction which is water travel between plaster and brick/blockwork or I'll fitted damp corse , not much of a surveyor you have there!!


Answered 23rd Nov 2011

I had this problem on the front elevation of some detached houses i built.Trays were installed along with weepholes,cavitys were clear but water continued to penetrate and show through on inner leaf and we could not find the problem.
I am a registered Builder with nhbc and have been for 20 years and my inspector didnt know what route to take to solve it.We ended up silicone sealing all front elevations to 9 houses,that was 10 years ago and we have had no problems since.only had this problem once in 35 years in the game thank god.


Answered 11th Dec 2011

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