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Roofing felt hole causing small water patch on kitchen ceiling

I live in a 1980s dormer style house so the bottom of the roof is level with the bottom of the upstairs dormer windows.

Few days ago I noticed a small water stain approximately 10 inches long right on kitchen ceiling next to an external wall. The patch feels dry and has not grown.

I think i have two possible issues:

A leaking pipe from the radiator in the bedroom above. Plumber checking it out.

The more plausible solution. A roofer has found that the felt is perished and has a decent sized hole in it next to the guttering a few feet above the ceiling mark. The tiles are intact and we have plastic boards inserted under tiles at the edge of the roof.

It appears that recent storms pushed water under tiles and some ran down inside of cavity wall. Is this plausible or should i be looking elsewhere in the loft space?

I have the roofer coming tomorrow to refelt the bottom section of the roof.

Many thanks from a newish home owner

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If they is a gap under the tiles it is very possibly that in heavy rain and strong winds blowing towards the gap that the water could of been blown under. But if you have a roofer coming to sort the felt he should be able to notice if its getting in anywere else.


Answered 28th Mar 2017

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