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Driveway preparation.


I'm currently planning the installation of my block paved driveway. I have excavated the required depth but have a few questions about the next steps.

1. Do I need to compact/wacker the soil/subgrade prior to the installation of membrane and then Type 1?
2. Does the edging between the path and driveway need to be laid on a membrane?
3. Do I need to remove any stones/rocks before laying the membrane? There is nothing that exceeds 50mm in height and will comfortably be covered by Type 1.

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1. Any extra compaction to the soil will not hurt. As this will only give your driveway a more solid Base.
2.The edging is usually laid on a concrete or cement Base wich often overlaps the internal membrane. But if you feel you may.have a weed problem, then a few straps of membrane will not hurt.
3.As in answer 1, extra compaction to any protruding stones is best as it can only prevent tearing or damage to the membrane which would allow weeds through. I hope this helps. J. Marshall.


Answered 28th Mar 2017

1:- only compact the soil if it is dry other wise you will get a nice muddy puddle and your sub-base will soak into it and become spongey.
2:- laying edging on membrane not a problem as long as it's a concrete/mortar bed would help to keep membrane blowing about.
3:- if you have run a walker plate over your DRY soil then you shouldn't have any stones sticking out but remove any large ones sticking out.
I can add after you have wacker plated dry soil spray with good weed killer before putting weed control down.


Answered 8th Apr 2017

1.its better to compacted soil well. as it give the driverway a solid base.2 EDGING is better to be laid on a concrete base. If you have a weed problem then extra membrane DOS not Hurt. 3 compacting the area well will help prevent stones tearing the membrane. So weeds can't get through. Regards Levi


Answered 4th Apr 2017

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