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Sunroom v boiler flue

I have a small patio to the real of our house that is terraced from the rest of the garden. I was thinking of building a brick/timber sunroom where the patio is as a place to put the dirty dogs/drying area and a place to sit and relax. My only issue is that the boiler flue comes out onto the patio. Would it be possible to extend the flue out of the sunroom, thus utilising the heat from the flue - while keeping the dangerous gases away from the family?? I have been advised by a boiler engineer that I wouldn't be allowed to do this, but they couldn't give me a reason why.

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As long as it conforms to the manufacturers instructions and meets gas regulations then it should be fine. Would be best to have someone check where you are wanting the flue to go i know you have already but like i say it is possible as long as it conforms to current regulations.


Answered 28th Mar 2017

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