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Ive had my drive block paved in august this year brindle blocks , approx 20yds req renewing due to tar off road repair on drive . will new blocks show different to original

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you may be lucky and get a match but in my experiance you can always see a slight differance, it will become less apparent over time

Answered 22nd Nov 2011


Member since 21 Nov 2011

Due to natural weathering, even during such a short period of time, nobody could unequivocally give assurance that an exact match to the original brindle paviors would be possible.

However, the visual impact of the new blocks can be somewhat reduced by combining them with cleansed existing blocks taken from the immediate vicinity of the staining.

Consequently, in order to replace your spoiled blocks, you would need to take up an area double the size of the stain, discard the unwanted blocks, re-float the exposed sand bedding layer and resurface by mixing old paviors with new.

Generally in about twelve months time, it should be nearly impossible to differentiate between the originals and the replacements.

Answered 22nd Nov 2011

Elegant Driveways

Member since 21 Nov 2011

The new blocks will show up slightly, if they are the exact same brand and colour. Best thing to do is to take up a slightly larger area than needed. The old blocks that are re-useable mix them up with the new.
Pressure wash and re-sand and seal will make the perfect driveway restoration. Hope this helps. Db groundworks

Answered 21st Nov 2011


Member since 3 Oct 2011

Hi, if you purchase new block paving it probably will have a difference in colour to the paving laid due to weathering, especially if the new packs are sealed in builders yard.
One idea would be to remove a sample of clean block and visit your local builders merchants as some do often have open packs exposed to weather and therefore may be a better match.
New blocks laid will eventually fade in to existing driveway blocks, given time.

Answered 22nd Nov 2011

Bespoke Outdoor Spaces

Member since 6 Nov 2011

When you put your new blocks down have it sealed and they will blend in

Answered 28th Jun 2016

JPM Landscape Builders Ltd

Member since 25 Feb 2015

There shouldnt be a lot of difference in the colour, a good winter will soon weather them in.

Answered 21st Nov 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

If the same blocks can be sourced then they will match in. The new blocks may appear a little fresher for a period. After a few months weathering you will not be able to tell.

Answered 21st Nov 2011

Ian Dawson Builder

Member since 17 Nov 2011

New blocks shouldn't show up too differently if the drive was laid a few months ago (assuming new blocks were used at the time). The best option would be to take a sample to a local builders merchant to ensure they match, as there are many suppliers who make brindle paving blocks. A good installer will be able to re-lay the new blocks at precisely the same level so after a month or so of weathering you shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Answered 22nd Nov 2011

Larner Construction

Member since 21 Jan 2011

i know that their will deffenatly be a differance in match but if you wanted them to look much the same why not try a reclaimers

Answered 12th Jan 2012

AFFORDABLE fencing/landscapes

Member since 11 Jan 2012

if you have the old blocks power cleaned get the same coulor bricks
they should be the same give or take a small amount but in 1 year they will
blend in

Answered 12th Jan 2012

a1 homeimprovement

Member since 28 Nov 2011

They will show up a bit but after a wile it will weather in if not try get second hand blocks

Answered 12th Jan 2017

Jones&Jones Roofing and building

Member since 15 Dec 2015

I agree with a few answers on this page. Shop around first before buying any new ones as sometimes if u get the make of block paving and style you'll get a close match but only time will match it to others I.e weathering

Answered 31st Aug 2017

MWR Property Services

Member since 31 Aug 2017

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