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Pointing before guttering

Hi, Our guttering needs repairing/replacing as water has been pouring down the outside wall and making the inside wall damp, also in our neighbour's house. Our neighbour knows a man who can, and he has told him that before we get the guttering sorted we need the outside wall repointing. I'm not sure as water will still be pouring down the wall regardless of whether we get the pointing done or not. Is he right or is he trying to make money out of us?

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the two jobs need to be done in conjunction with each other ,as you point out the guttering will still leak thus washing away any fresh pointing ..depending on amount of pointing to be done it would be prudent to point in first thing in the morning then repair gutter later on same day .... hope this reply has been helpful to you regards Derick


Answered 24th Mar 2017

if the pointing is bad it will need repaired but ideally stopping the water continually hitting the wall from a leaking gutter is more important it may only be a union joint or a gutter full of junk, think he has his priorities wrong.

good luck Alex


Answered 24th Mar 2017

I'd fix the guttering first.If the pointing is that bad that it needs to be replaced would be noticeable even for the untrained eye.If there is need for a scaffolding to be erected to get to the guttering and pointing is on its last leg then it makes sense to save on scaffolding and do both jobs at the same time


Answered 25th Mar 2017

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