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Adding a velux window to a roof with vertical support planks


My roof is about 40+ years old and has an unusual(to me at least) structure.
In the centre of the loft along the floor is a wooden support beam, there are then 2 V-shaped support beams that support a large beam on either side of the roof that runs horizontal across the back of the roof planks. The roof planks run vertical across the length of the roof and the tiles appear to be pinned into the roof planks in certain points. I want to know if i add a velu window to the roof - cutting away some of the vertical planks, will i damage the structural integrity of the roof?

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Hi as the others have said you will need to add to the existing rafters, by this i mean you will need to double the rafter where the velux window will be going, so you will have double rafters either side of the window, and these will need to go from the eaves up to the pitch the same as the original rafters.
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Answered 24th Mar 2017

you will need to put in some extra supports underneath purlin but do not remove horizontal support without doing this as it can compromise the weight and integrity of roof bearing


Answered 19th Mar 2017

You might have to cut away some of the roof joists to make the window fit if you do so you will need to fit extra supports. But dont cut away none of the vertical supports as these carry the weight of the roof. You might be best to have some body to come and have a look and tell you whats what.


Answered 20th Mar 2017

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