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Is lead flashing needed on the roof

I had a new roof installed a year ago.

It is an artificial slate roof. Looking at it, there is no lead flashing.

I have been told there are soakers.

I have spoken to my roofer about this who state that for this type of roof there is no need to install lead flashing. I think cement may have been used.

Co-incidentally I have had a leak that has started mid way up the wall in top bedroom and the neighbour also has leak in adjoining bedroom.

I am wondering whether this has been caused by the absence of lead flashing (despite there being soakers) and also whether what the roofer has told me about it being okay without lead flashing is correct?

Looking forward to response.


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it should be lead soaker's/flashed to seal. it can be sealed with cement but it will not last as long as lead, its a lot cheaper to use cement.


Answered 14th Mar 2017

Firstly, the importance of a properly fitted roof flashing cannot be overstated. Without it, it matters little what tiles are used, how nice the roof looks, or how much it costs. Rainwater will cause internal problems with damp if not corrected quickly.


Answered 22nd Mar 2017

Any roof I have tiled even using artificial slate I would use lead flashing as it prevents any rain water getting through and into your cavity.


Answered 14th Mar 2017

Yes it defiantly needs lead flashing , you need to get someone up there asap to strip some slates out and soacker it up and install step flashing and front apron .


Answered 15th Mar 2017

100% needs flashing fitting I would get another independent roofing expert out to complete a full in depth survey you would be amazed at how many newly fitted roofing jobs we have to re do and make watertight


Answered 11th Apr 2017

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