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No water coming from any hot water taps


The water tank in the loft leaked which was sorted. The following day after using the shower the ball cock has broken which meant all the water was coming out of the over flow pipe (at least that is working) sorted the ball cock, and now there is no water at all coming out of any of the hot water taps (have different taps around the house mixers etc) cold water from cold water taps not a problem. Shower works but only if you put it on cold temperature first then turn it from cold to hot. Thought it was an airlock and have done what you do with the taps which then lead to water coming out of the overflow pipe, so it was pushing the water back, but didn't solve the problem.

***Further note... No water is going in to the hot water tank. Shower doesn't work, it just ran out of water. When you turn the mixer tap slightly towards hot nothing comes out, but water starts going in to the hot water tank.

We've tried the airlock thing as stated above numerous times.. Nothing. So the issue seems to be no water going in to the hot water tank***

Any ideas?

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In this case if you have a kitchen mixer tap place your thumb over the tap outlet, open the hot water tap with thumb firmly over the outlet then gently turn the mixer tap to the cold water position this will then force cold water under pressure through the hot water pipe leading to the hot water cylinder and force any air lock out.

You may have. to carry out this exercise more then once, but 9/10 it should work. After carrying out this method test by turning the hot water tap fully on a see if you now have full hot water flow rate.


Answered 13th Mar 2017

If you have turned off any gate valves (ones with round red handles) there is a chance the shaft may have snapped when closed tightly then when you go to open it again the handle just spins and the valve is stuck shut. if so you will need a replacement valve


Answered 14th Mar 2017

squirt washing up liquid down hot water cylinder supply pipe just a little it breaks surface tension in pipe and overcomes air lock ,muck from tank may have caused a blockage in pipework,or if cylinder is old scale build up can stop water going into cylinder,you may have to drain down tank and cylinder and check pipework for blockage.


Answered 13th Mar 2017

Firstly, regards what you say about the shower causing the CW storage tank to overflow tells me that unless it is a venturi type shower such as a Trevi Therm for instance, then your shower is incorrectly installed. The latter type showers are not particularly common & so it is most likely that you have a mixer shower which requires a balanced supply. What you have is tank fed hot & mains fed cold. Most showers are not designed to work like that.
Getting back to your hot water delivery issue, although you have initially done the right steps to purge an air-lock, if said air-lock is between the tank & the cylinder then all you are achieving is pushing water up the expansion pipe into the CW storage tank, thus causing an overflow. The air-lock (or blockage) is still sitting smugly in the CW feed pipe to the HW cylinder.
Air-locks like this occur because of badly laid pipe work & in some situations can be difficult to move. Furthermore they will be a reoccurring problem, returning every time that pipe is drained. There is a simple solution for the latter mentioned scenario but you need to be EXTREMELY careful or you may cause your HW cylinder to collapse.
Firstly, Turn off heating & immersion heaters. Go into the loft & remove the tank lid & hold your hand firmly over the end of the expansion pipe to block it. DO NOT use a fitting of any kind to do this !
Meanwhile have a helper to do what you did before on the same mixer tap that caused the tank to overflow, this way you know that this 1 will work as some mixers may have a check valve to prevent back flow.
You should then feel pressure on your hand & have bubbles purging up from the tank outlet. once this has happened then your air-lock should be gone. Don't leave your hand on the pipe for very long as cold water entering a warm cylinder could collapse it. If doing this on your own then you could use a push fit fitting or an expanding wine bottle stopper, but only once the cylinder is ABSOLUTELY COLD or you could damage the cylinder & possibly flood your house too. Remember to REMOVE any stopper BEFORE running any water to check it or the same thing could happen. I hope this helps.


Answered 26th Jul 2019

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