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Is primer/undercoat the same as applying a mist coat?

Is primer/undercoat the same as applying a mist coat?
There are a couple of rooms I plan to paint and I have filled cracks/holes in the room. However I failed to spot prime them, as there were so many and I would prefer to just paint the whole room rather than spend time spot priming the filled areas and having to feather them out. I have also sanded the whole room.

I just wanted to know if I could use a primer/undercoat or would it be better to mist coat (isn’t it the same basically) to paint all the walls?

Bearing in mind the walls in the room have been previously painted and one of the walls in the room is bare plaster as it was skimmed.
And also how many mist coats should I do? And should I stick to the same paint manufacturer as I plan to use a different topcoat?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Many Thanks

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Hi there,

A mist coat is diluted emulsion (not vinyl) that you apply to fresh plaster. Only one mist coat is needed. You do not need to do this on walls that have already been painted unless you have actually sanded everything back to the plaster.

If the walls are painted, just with patches of filler but all sanded and dust removed then you can simply go on with two top coats of paint. Spot priming tends to flash through more obviously than filler. If you're specifically worried about filler showing through the paint then use Zinsser 123 and paint all the walls before applying your topcoat from your preferred brand.

Best of luck, Rob


Answered 12th Mar 2017

Primer/undercoat is normally used for priming bare timber/bare metal surfaces depending on the product and surface. New plaster should always be mist coated/primed with a diluted emulsion. Try to use a contract Matt with no vinyl etc. One must coat should be fine as long as it has been applied properly and mixed to the correct ratio


Answered 2nd May 2019

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