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I'm planning to convert my loft at some point but as a first step i am having it floored so it can be used for storage.

What should I think of having done at this stage so that the groundwork is there when we get around to converting it properly? It's a victorian terrace.

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hello mildred,
the loft floor as it is is not substansial to carry any severe weight as the ceiling joists are only purely to hold the bedroom ceilings up.
if your needing storage only at the moment i would just screw down some loft boards that can be taken up at a later stage.
the new loft floor would need a structural engineer and architects involvement to accertain the best way to construct it as regards to supporting walls ,steels and floor jhoist sizes and span of floor a rule of thumb new floor joists for loft conversions are 8" x 2" to carry the weight the 8" being the depth.
i hope this helps

glen GR carpentry & building


Answered 30th Mar 2011

make shore supporting joists can take the bearing load off dormers etc and floor needs two be insulated and boarded with 1"at least and screwed
steels mite need to be intruduced
thin you can go from there


Answered 12th Mar 2011

you need to have the joists checked for soundness , even if sound they may need upgrading/strengthening to take the additional weight.regards Terry


Answered 12th Mar 2011

Your best bet is not to floor it at all, if you really are going to convert it, if you decide you do, best to put steels in and floor joists, ready for the conversion.
These should be put in according to a structual engineers calcs.


Answered 12th Mar 2011

what you want is the structural floor installed. you need this as the existing ceiling joists will not take the increased load. this will also redirect the existing supports for your roof making the usable space. all the work could be done without entering the house. i would recomend getting a set of plans for the conversion as you would want to know were the stairs are going and any support for stud walls. you need to plan ahead or your end up doing it twice. make sure you get all this type of work inspected and passed by the council.


Answered 25th Mar 2011

Hello. Most Loft conversions require some form of structural work to take the additional weight as your ceiling joists are not strong enough to do this.
I wouldnt do anything until you have spoken to an Architect. If you want to board it out for storage temporarily, make sure it can be easily dismantled as it will most probably have to be removed before you convert the loft.
I hope this helps
NR Building Services.


Answered 12th Mar 2011


I would get the floor raised so it becomes a floating floor this may cost a bit but would be 50% of the work done ready for the conversion.


Answered 12th Mar 2011

If your plans are to have a proper legal usable loft conversion in the very near future dont waste your time or money boarding out loft, as floor joists/steels have to be inspected by building inspector before boarding.


Answered 12th Mar 2011

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