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Daylight coming to the loft

Hi there,

I've got a daylight coming trough to the loft, I could not see this last week on a sunny day.
I went to have a look and I can see there's a hole where the daylight is coming through. The rest of the loft seem to be totally covered and no light is coming through anywhere else. Should I be worried?


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Probably a missing tile , should be replaced to prevent any further damage


Answered 16th Mar 2017

It sounds like a missing slate or tile if it's on the main part of the roof


Answered 10th Mar 2017

I'm not sure with the description posted whether this roof is felted or not!
It is possible to see daylight in a loft space especially in valley area or close to verge on side, but good news is that it's not always a sign of a potential leak.. directional angles in some cases will show light but the roof may be's probably advisable to check out roof to make sure there's no missing slates/tiles..
Hope this helps


Answered 10th Mar 2017

If you are seeing day light then of course that is a way of water getting straight into the roof.
Sounds like you may have no felt membrane.
Membrane is the main material that stop water getting into the main roof and your tiles stop the water getting to the membrane.
Could be missing tiles or slates. Would be best to get some breathable felt


Answered 9th Apr 2017

It is hard to give correct information with out completion of a full internal and external survey it's possible it's the original roof and that's why there is light coming through but I would recommend you to get a roofing expert to complete a survey
Many thanks
Lee Matthews


Answered 11th Apr 2017

In cases of daylight being seen in your loft space can be a number of things. None of which need to be anything major or cause for great concern. A complete investigation is what is needed by a trusted honest roofer not one that will use scare tactics to big up the job. Sometimes daylight is the result of something very minor and small. Roofwise Solutions


Answered 24th Jun 2018

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