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Knock down wall - do these 3 factors mean it's definitely not load bearing?

I want to knock down an internal wall on the ground floor of my victorian terraced house, it is built out of red brick and is about 3m in length. Directly above it is a stud bathroom wall.

Initially I assumed that it was load bearing, but a landlord on my street asked his structural engineer to pop over, and he told me that it wasn't load bearing after all.

I wanted to double check, how likely would you say it's not load bearing based on these factors:

1) The joists on the floor above run in the same direction as the wall that I want to knock down. As do the floor joists in the roof, and the roof rafters. It is only the ground floor joists that run at a right angle to it.

2) Where this wall meets what the SE identified as the actual load bearing spine wall, there is a 1 cm gap. He said this shows it's not

3) The depth of the wall is only 1 brick deep.

If it is definitely not load bearing, will I still need some sort of support for the stud wall directly above it?

Thanks. Nick

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Hello Nick
If hes a structural engineer his advice will be absolute . Trust him . Regards Rob


Answered 8th Mar 2017

If it is definitely not load bearing you should be able to remove it with no worries.

If you are worried then support the studded wall with an RSJ, but it sounds perfectly safe to do according to your comments.


Answered 8th Mar 2017

Hi mate if you had a structural engineering round and he agrees I would go ahead and remove the wall sound to me like you have done all your home work you would not need acro props to support the upstairs stud wall unless as a measure to make your self feel more comfortable if your doing this as a diy project


Answered 26th Apr 2017

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