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Chimney work before or after re-tile?

I need to have my chimney stack repointed and lead flashing installed around it. The thing is, I'm planning on re-tiling the whole roof next year.
Would the lead flashing need to be taken apart when the roof is re-tiled or could a roofer work around the lead flashing when replacing the roof tiles?

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I would have to agree. It's recommended that you get the roof done first, however, if the lead work is done correctly and cover flashings are installed correctly then there is no reason why the roof can't be installed later.

So, yes the roofer can work around the lead work when replacing the roof tiles, provided it meets their standards in order to guarantee their work.


Answered 9th Mar 2017

Definitely get the roof done first.

You might end up having to have the lead all redone otherwise and that can be pricey!

It wouldn't hurt to get the pointing done apart from the lead flashing though, that will offer some protection from the weather.


Answered 7th Mar 2017

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