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Hello, there's a small stormwater drain outside my house but the pavement over the years has become bumpy and as the result water draining down the road diverts around it and comes right down the steps to my flat. The council dont want to know so was wondering if I could get some of the material in the title and lay a small amount of it to "bump" the water into it? It would be literally a cup full I'd say laid to about an half-inch depth to level the lopsided part of the pavement to one side of the drain.

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Yes that would work, but it is much easier if you warm it up a bit first, so if you get a bag put it somewhere warm like near a radiator for an hour or two, more if you can. If you have it indoors, bear in mind that it is worth putting something down first as the bags tend to be messy and/or leak.

Put down twice what you think you need and then hit it down with a hammer on a piece of wood to help it adhere to the ground. Obviously make sure the ground where you put it is clean and dry before trying to lay it. Then put a handful of sand over it to stop it being sticky if you need to walk over it. A day or two later you can brush the sand off...


Answered 6th Mar 2017

You can by pot hole repair comes in a 25kg tub from builders yards think around the £40 mark it will need compacting into the hole as if not it will wash out.


Answered 6th Apr 2017

Mix a bit of cement it will do the job


Answered 7th Mar 2017

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